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I sometimes wish….

That I had a huge loving group of family and friends who all got along and actually enjoyed my company. Other times, I wish I owned a military-sized arsenal so I could execute every single person who ever looked in my direction.

Shaun of the Decade! Read all three Cornetto Screenplays now!

Yet 1 more reason why Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are awesome. All 3 screenplays for the Cornetto Trilogy available to read or download in PDF form.

Me and my “mountain man” beard. Hot or not? Lmfao!!

Me and my “mountain man” beard. Hot or not? Lmfao!!


Last night everyone tried to win @midnight w/ food bribery. Check it out! http://www.cc.com/shows/-midnight

TJ Miller and his attempts to bribe Chris Hardwick were the funniest thing on @midnight in weeks.

(Source: lastvhs)